Sunday, November 29, 2009

Windows 7 -Compatibility Mode Feature

Now for those of you who are jumping into the new Windows 7 operating system...there are some things we need to learn.......

first off is the compatibility we all know, when a new OS comes out there are our dearly loved programs that no longer work! duh.....well, same thing here.......until the companies that put out the "old" software come up with new "drivers" etc the little buggers will not run on Windows 7...
so here is what you do!

Control Panel>

Click on "Run Programs Made for Previous Versions of Windows"

you will now see a list of old programs that you may be using...if you don't see the one you want click on "not listed" and then browse to that folder where the .exe file is in program files for that particular program.....
you will see it pop up and usually says Windows Xp Service Pack 2 or whatever.....

then click "start program" --if the program starts up ok you have settled the problem...
click "next" and "save these settings" and OK.... is a working program again.......PURR

Friday, November 27, 2009

How to save a webpage and use in tabs

Let's say you are on Craigs list and looking for a bunch of different items....when you get to that
particular page and you want to save that "link" just left click on the icon in the address window and drag it to the desktop....continue to do that with all pages you are looking at.....

when you want to view them all again...just open Firefox.....drag an icon into the address window and the page will pop up...then go to "file" in upper left hand corner> "new tab" and drag another icon into the address bar...this will keep all the tabs open and you can just click between tabs to your pages....and nothing has to be stored in bookmarks as it will all disappear when you close your browser....

by the way

Happy Meow-lidays!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google Chrome Operating System

I am now testing the OS by Google....self contained browser operating system which is very fast and smooth....

by the way, if you haven't downloaded Google Chrome Browser, do it is faster by the day and is a preview of what is coming soon....

Facebook Viruses

For those of you who use Facebook please do not open any emails from Facebook that
say "you need to change your password" or something like is bogus and will
crash your computer....

I know, I just finished redoing someone's BEWARE......

Facebook is not what it appears to be.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gorgeous Desktop Wallpapers for you!

If you like to change your computer desktop from time to time and want absolutely
highest quality backgrounds check out this site....daily postings from expensive
camera lenses.....
click on link below.....


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AVG FREE more new problems....

there has been real issues with the latest AVG out on NOV suggestion if you can't get it to install properly
try AVAST FREE....

it is a great antivirus and fully capable and compatible with windows...

download here

AVG Free Install problems...again

For those of you trying to install the latest AVG Free Antivirus please uninstall the old one first and restart the computer from ground up....
the old dead files must be out of the system or the software can get corrupted and not install
properly and then you have nothing.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Google Caffeine now offline

the new Google Search Engine called Caffeine
is now offline and will be back for larger audiences shortly....the beta testing is
done so watch for the good stuff coming soon!
make just plain your search again and thanks for checkin it out!

How to put the computer into sleep mode etc.

on the desktop

right click
go to properties
then in there you will see the setup you can adjust

go to Power Schemes
there you can adjust the computers modes

i suggest put it on the drop down "home-office desk" one
that turns off the monitor after 20 mins of non use....and never turns off the hard drive

however- you will note when you go into the next tab which says "advanced"
you can set what it does when you push a coupla buttons on the keyboard...

I suggest this
"when I press the power button on my computer-shut down"
"when I press the sleep button on my computer-standby"
click OK

both these buttons are on your keyboard-usually with a Moon looking icon for sleep
and the power shutdown button is next to it...use the Moon one for just overnight napping for the
computer....the other one for complete shutdown.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Facebook Privacy Hints

For those of you who use Facebook please, please go into the Settings link
and click on Privacy....

on all the dropdown boxes, click "ONLY FRIENDS"....otherwise you are out there
for all the world to see......

make sure you save those options and restart Facebook from your tab or homepage...

be safe in the world net.............

How to open a tab to your homepage in Firefox

first you have to download the tabber.....very cool add on



then when you get that installed and restart Firefox, go to File> New Tab and
Viola! you have another Homepage up and running to search.....Keep Google Sandbox as your
Homepage ( which is their new one-and I have it in an October post) and you will be
cruisin' along speedily......

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Google Chrome Update

For those of you who are using Chrome for your browser- (and I do recommend that one too)
get the newest version here:

Google Chrome 4.0 BETA

the newest feature is that you can synchronize your bookmarks across the board on whatever computer you are by simply logging into your google account- of course you must be using Chrome first of all....

happy Googling!!