Monday, November 9, 2009

How to put the computer into sleep mode etc.

on the desktop

right click
go to properties
then in there you will see the setup you can adjust

go to Power Schemes
there you can adjust the computers modes

i suggest put it on the drop down "home-office desk" one
that turns off the monitor after 20 mins of non use....and never turns off the hard drive

however- you will note when you go into the next tab which says "advanced"
you can set what it does when you push a coupla buttons on the keyboard...

I suggest this
"when I press the power button on my computer-shut down"
"when I press the sleep button on my computer-standby"
click OK

both these buttons are on your keyboard-usually with a Moon looking icon for sleep
and the power shutdown button is next to it...use the Moon one for just overnight napping for the
computer....the other one for complete shutdown.

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