Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chromium Operating System - Zero (Diet) Version

For those of you who are technical minded and like trying new things....

I suggest this -- download and try the Google Chrome OS!

And this version goes very nicely on a 1 GB USB....instead of 4 GB. 

Get it Here!

Open the file with WIN RAR
and write the image to the drive with WIN IMAGE.  (Both free programs-get online.)

This version is put out by Hexxeh in the UK and it works great!

Here is the Site!

The full instructions are on this website link above....Happy Netbooking --P>S>
it also works on laptops and desktops (compatibility lists available) .... check it out!

PS. Hexxeh says that Adobe Flash on this version is having issues...he will put out an update soon which should pop up when you login> Just and FYI

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