Monday, March 8, 2010

Windows Indexing- A real's how to disable it!

You may have heard your computer constantly "running" ....well, most likely that is the indexing service keeping everything "up to snuff" for you so you can quickly access is a real drain on the system and continually is crawling the hard drive for the suggestion-disable all indexing services as you probly don't know what it does and will never use it anyhow.....heres how!

Disable Indexing on Drives

This method allows users to selectively disable indexing on certain drives which rarely used or searched. However, it may take a long time to apply new attributes to all files, folders and sub-folders to exclude them from indexing.

1. Open Windows Explorer from Accessories.
2. Right click on the drive (or drive letter) that you want to turn off the indexing.
3. Select Properties on the contextual menu.
4. Unselect (untick) the Index this drive for faster searching option.
5. Click Apply or OK button.

To re-include the drive, simply select the option again.

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