Thursday, October 28, 2010

SD Adapter Card keeps saying "read only" when you try to format

Simple fix more than likely....if you are using an adapter for your  mini sd card.....
check and see if the switch on the side is set to closed...or write protected...if it is just slide it..reinsert it and should be able to now format it and be off and running!

MEEGO..go 'n get it!

What is it????  MEEGO 1.1
An itty bitty OS for Netbooks....runs super fast and good.....write to a USB or SD Card and have fun!
Get it HERE

Use Win32DiskImager to write it to the drive....HERE

Friday, October 22, 2010

BidSauce-Penny further

For those of you who like to do online bidding and win something for almost nothing, this site is out there....but from the facts on SiteJabber I would highly recommend staying away from this one....
Here's the reviews   CLICK
Keep safe in the Web World.....

Chrome 7 Stable Version is Released

Google has released Chrome 7 stable version  and fixed over  800 bugs on the three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.
Google has notably improved the management of HTML5 language tipped to become a standard, by using a new algorithm for analyzing web pages. Indeed, the API allows HTML5 File sites and web applications to “read” the contents of local files.
In addition, the new version of  Chrome 7 now  fully supports AppleScript (for Mac OS X) and a new management window to list the blocked sites while preventing them to create or modify cookies.
This version of Chrome also allows users to upload entire folders from their computers, rather than select only one file at a time. However, this feature relies on HTML5, still very few websites use this option now.
In addition, a dozen security vulnerabilities have been corrected, including five classified as “critical.”
Customers who already have Chrome on their computer will automatically receive the update, while those who wish to purchase this version can be downloaded on the main Google site. The download takes only a few minutes.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's your ITHING having problems???


  • The first step to learning how to reboot or reset an iPad involves identifying the sleep/power button. When holding the iPad in portrait mode (longer in vertical direction), the sleep/power button is on the top of the device.

  • Next, you need to hold this button down for approximately 3 seconds. After holding the button for a few seconds, the iPad's screen will dim and you will see a red slider button that says "Slide to power off" next to it.

  • To reboot the iPad, slide the red button (it will have a white arrow on it) from left to right. After you have slid the button over, the iPad will begin the shut down process.

    Be patient as this might take a few seconds for the iPad to properly shut down. Do not attempt to do anything else with it during this time.

  • If you wish to restart your iPad after resetting it, wait 10 seconds with the device off prior to turning it on. This process should eliminate whatever sluggish performance or frozen screen you were experiencing.

  • How to unfreeze or reset an iPod Touch

    To reset iPod touch, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo show up on the screen:
    reset ipod touch

    How to unfreeze or reset an iPod Classic

    1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.)
    2. Now press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, which may take about 6 to 10 seconds. You may need to repeat this step.
    • If you are having problems resetting the iPod, go ahead and set it on a flat surface. Then make sure the finger pressing the Select button is not touching any part of the click wheel. Also be sure that you are pressing the Menu button towards the outside of the click wheel, not near the center.
    • If the above mentioned steps do not work, then you can try connecting your iPod to a power adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet, or connect the iPod to your computer. Make sure the computer is turned on and isn’t set to go to sleep.

    How to reset an iPod Nano (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation)

    This one is similar to how you would do it for an iPod Classic:
    1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.)
    2. Now press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, which may take about 6 to 10 seconds. You may need to repeat this step.
    You can also reset an iPod Mini in the same way as the above steps.

    How to reset or unfreeze an iPod Shuffle

    1. First , eject your iPod shuffle from iTunes, if you have it connected.
    2. Then remove the iPod shuffle from the USB dock.
    3. Move the switch that is on the top of the iPod shuffle to the off position.
    Note: When iPod shuffle is off, the green stripe by the switch is not visible.
    4. Wait 5 seconds.
    5. Move the switch back to the on position so green stripe will be visible in either position.
    And that’s it! Hopefully, now that you know these steps, you don’t have to keep taking out the battery to unfreeze your iPod! Any comments or questions, make sure to write below! Enjoy! Source: Apple Support

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Become a Maverick!

    Live on the edge...with Maverick Meerkat now out!  Ubuntu10.10 HERE
    The best Ubuntu yet-available for desktops, laptops, netbooks...and free.

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Boot time of 8.6 seconds.....yee ha! Linux Rocks It Again

    For those of you out there who have not jumped into the Linux world you oughtta give it a try....the new distro
    Ubuntu 10.10 is out and here's the link to a laptop boot of 8 seconds.....

    Check it out HERE

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    FoxTabs...very cool feature for Firefox

    Have all your Top Sites on one panoramic view...or several different layouts...your choice....
    Get FoxTabs HERE for Firefox and give it a try.

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Online Photo Editing Tool

    Check this one out....if you have a photo you want to remove something from....
    Quite nifty and thrifty too!

    You Stuck? Need some Antifreeze

    When you find your system running at 100% of the CPU and it comes to a halt, for whatever reason....
    download and use this little will halt all system processes but the bare mininum and allow you
    to kill the villians off and restore things again.
    Get Antifreeze HERE