Monday, April 23, 2012

Stitching photos the easy way!

Download Infranview from HERE

  • Open Irfanview --> go to Image Menu --> Create Panorama image
  • From the Create Panorama image pop-up box --> select your choice:
  • Horizontal - add images at the right side of previous ones
  • Vertical - add images below previous ones
  • Click the 'Add Images' button
  • Select your 1st image file from the Open pop-up box
  • Continue to add images until you have opened all that you want to include in your stitched image
  • You can reposition the order of the images by clicking on the image to highlight it in the 'Input images:' block, then select the 'Move up' or 'Move down' button to reposition
  • Click the 'Create Image' button to complete the process
  • You can then resize the final stitched image to fit properly on your web page from the 'Image' menu
  • Don't forget to save your masterpiece from the 'File' menu
  • Have fun!

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