Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to disable junkware installing when updating JAVA

This setting is buried in the Java Control Panel. To access it, press your Windows Key once to bring up the Start menu or Start screen and type Java. Click the “Configure Java” shortcut.
Click over to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the very bottom — yes, they hid this option at the very bottom of the Advanced list. Check the “Suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java” option and click OK.
The option here will basically just set the same registry value you can set yourself below.
We’re not sure exactly when this option was added, but it appears to have been sometime in July or August 2014. If you don’t see the option here, you have an outdated version of Java — update it now! (And be sure to uncheck the junkware while installing the update.)

The Registry Hack

You can also use a quick registry hack to change this setting. We have a .reg file you can use to enable it with a few clicks. This will prevent Java from trying to install the Ask Toolbar the first time you install it. You could run this .reg file on your family’s computers and they won’t get bit by the Ask Toolbar if they ever try to install Java.
Download the Disable_Java_Junkware.zip file, double-click it to open it, and double-click the Disable_Java_Junkware.reg file to add the values to your registry. (You can right-click a .reg file and click Edit to check what it will do; feel free to check the downloaded .reg file before running it.)

Courtesy HTGregistry-hack-to-prevent-java-from-installing-ask-toolbar