Friday, August 27, 2010

Maverick Meerkat is coming October 10!

For you Ubuntu Fans...get ready.....the full production of Meerkat is on the way....

I am testing it right now and it is SUPER....
Here's the latest from OMG Ubuntu....

Software Centre

One of Ubuntu’s most defining additions is undoubtedly the Ubuntu Software Centre and Alpha 3 sees the maverick market place refine itself.
UI changes we saw in Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2 have begun to take hold in Alpha 3 particularly with the new look store front housing feature and ‘new’ apps.
Ubuntu Software Centre_004The new ‘tweet this app’ feature is also working, letting you share your love of an app with you entire social buddies via Gwibber.


Whilst on the subject of the Software Centre be sure to pay heed to the much-improved ‘History’ side-pane entry.
You can browse all installations, removals and upgrades by day or search. Right-clicking on an entry gives quick access to removal options. Selection_001

Sound Applet

It’s one of the more controversial parts of the new Meerkat desktop - some people love it, some people loathe it.
Either way it’s going to be there and, for fans of it, Alpha 3 brings a chorus of improvements including a working scrubber, working controls and the first steps towards playlist support.Selection_004


Share your fave tracks with your friends directly from within Rhythmbox. Similar to the software centre’s tweet button you can tweet a link to your fave tracks via Rhythmbox.
Users can then click on the link to be taken directly to the track in the UbuntuOne Music Store. Rhythmbox_003

Shotwell replaces F-Spot

Shotwell replaced F-Spot as the default image management application.

Time for a change

The new look indicator-clock has added a nice new calendar widget and preferences pane for easy configuration.

Messaging Menu

A neat left-aligned triangle overlay denotes running messages,and message counters are now rendered with a nice rounded background

Netbook Edition

As we told you a little while back, Banshee is now the default media player for Ubuntu 10.10 NBE and Alpha 3 sees the netbook interface for it enabled by default.
Evolution Express and netbook-friendly versions of both contacts and calendar are also present.
The new ‘Unity’ interface is continuing to evolve at lively pace so the changes from Alpha 2 are considerable: new launchers, new applets, new apps.
Netbook bound Indicator-Network has received additions in both the settings window, mobile wizard and the passphrase dialogue


Much more has been updated, tweaked and added to Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 3 than is possible to cover here. Whilst some changes take place on the surface many more take place underneath.

Google Talk with Video Chat

Check out the following ways to chat on the web and on your desktop:

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  • PC and Mac
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Google Talk software

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monitor what is being deposited in your Windows folders

Watch 4 Folder 2.2

You can set a monitoring process with just 4 simple quick steps and then minimize the tool to the system tray.
It can monitor 15 different types of events and execute different actions in case of an event.
It is possible to write to a text log file and to watch a live log running.
Main changes in version 2.2:
- Can monitor hidden and system folders and files
- More details on some events
- Improved GUI
- A New action: desktop alerts (same as outlook new mail)
- Improved hints
- Fixed a bug when trying to monitor with no folder selected
More details can be found in the included Readme.txt file

Friday, August 20, 2010

XMarks is going mobile....get it now!

Go Mobile with Xmarks

Xmarks for iPhone and iPad available now, Android coming soon
The Xmarks mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available in Apple's iTunes App Store at the less-than-a-latte price of $0.99.
It lets Xmarks users access all their desktop bookmarks and open tabs on their iDevice.
Key features include:
  • works with Xmarks for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Mac Safari
  • access all bookmark folders including your bookmarks toolbar
  • bookmark search
  • open remote tabs across all your computers & browsers
  • built-in browser to view your bookmarks without leaving the app
Coming Soon:
  • ability to add and edit bookmarks for full 2-way sync
  • secure password sync
  • history sync
  • lots more!
Remember that even without Xmarks for iPhone (or an iPhone for that matter), you can point any smartphone to and get mobile access to your bookmarks and open tabs.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The first SMS trojan hits Android smartphones!

Kaspersky has announced in this article the first trojan specific for Android. "The new malicious program penetrates smartphones running Android in the guise of a harmless media player application. Users are prompted to install a file of just over 13 KB with the standard Android extension .APK. Once installed on the phone, the Trojan uses the system to begin sending SMSs to premium rate numbers without the owner’s knowledge or consent, resulting in money passing from a user’s account to that of the cybercriminals."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to connect Windows Xp to Windows 7 on your network

Connecting a Windows XP system

The special sharing account also makes accessing the folders shared in a Windows 7 HomeGroup an easy task from within a Windows XP system. To do so, click the Start button and select My Network Places. When the My Network Places window appears, select the View Workgroup Computers command in the Network Tasks panel.
Now, if the Windows 7 system you are looking for is a member of the same workgroup as the Windows XP system, you’ll see it and you can double-click the Windows 7 computer you want to access right from the View Workgroup Computers window, as shown in Figure E. However, if the Windows 7 system is a member of a different workgroup, you’ll need to select the Microsoft Windows Network command from the Other Places panel and then open the workgroup that contains the Windows 7 system.

Figure E

If the Windows 7 system you are looking for is a member of the same workgroup as the Windows XP system, you can see and double-click the Windows 7 computer you want to access right from the View Workgroup Computers window.
Once you access the Windows 7 computer, open the Users share and you will be able to access all the files and folders that are shared with the HomeGroup, as shown in Figure F. When you do, the same access rights established by the HomeGroup will be in effect — the My Documents folder will be read-only and the Public folder will be read/write.

Figure F

When you open the Users share, you will have access to all the files and folders that are shared by that computer with the HomeGroup.

Accessing HomeGroup shared printers

When it comes to accessing printers that are shared on a Windows 7 HomeGroup, the procedure is similar to connecting to the shared folders. As soon as you gain access to the Windows 7 computer from either Windows XP or Windows Vista, you’ll be able to see and connect to a shared printer, as shown in Figure G.

Figure G

Printers shared in a HomeGroup will appear and can be accessed when you connect to a Windows 7 system.
Connecting to the shared printer will be a very familiar procedure where the drivers will be downloaded from the sharing computer and installed in Windows XP/Vista. As soon as the drivers are installed, you’ll be able to print to a printer in the HomeGroup just like you can in a standard peer-to-peer workgroup.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dell Download Manager....Problems?

If any of you out there have ever had problems with Dell drivers getting installed on your systems you will note that they have provided this download manager.....well, make sure you have NET Framework installed on your computer or else the download manager will not work and will just look like a bunch of garble in your web browser....
Just an FYI.....

For Facebookers who wanna really get real...check this out!

Turn Your Facebook Profile Picture into a Video

Making your profile picture engaging and personal without looking lame is a challenge. Still images are limiting, and are left to interpretation by your Facebook audience. A video is much more powerful for making a statement. Thanks to Vanityvid, anyone can use a video as their Facebook or Twitter profile picture.
Uploading or making a video is very easy. Click the Facebook (or Twitter) link on the left of the page.
You will be asked for your Facebook login information, then asked to give Vanityvid permission to access your Facebook account. Click allow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Antivir Free Antivirus....another great program

I have recommended Panda Cloud  and here is another one for you to try....
Antivir is a good running system and once you download it you will be glad to
use it....
and....if you want to disable the pop-up windows to buy the upgrade and are
tech savvy a little bit you need to do this to your system to disable the notifier

here's the link for the program   click...HERE

and here's the link for the "how to" disable the pop-up  HERE

so don't get frustrated ....just keep things free and simple in your web world!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to "flash" your HTC D2 with a new Rom...Please Read!

The recommendation I can give because I have done it is to use Kumar's Premium Rom to flash your phone with.......GET IT HERE

and here are the instructions  CLICK HERE

Once you "flash" your phone with this new Rom you will be amazed how much better

it will start and run for you.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AVG LINK SCANNER...warns you of bogus websites

The World Wide Web gave us Google and Facebook. It capped ignorance and made the world smaller. It significantly changed how we lived in the 21st century. The Internet is one of humankind’s most memorable and greatest inventions of all time. However, along with it, are some not so nice things.
These include the intrusion of the user’s privacy, online viruses, identity theft and the like. You can protect yourself against these malwares even before visiting a website by using AVG’s latest free offering — the LinkScanner.
This intuitive program defends surfers against almost all known viruses, spamwares, adwares, Trojans, and other security threats. After installing, LinkScanner is plugged-into your web browser.
So every time you visit a website or check it out in your search engine, the application can tell you whether or not the site is safe or not. LinkScanner also has a Quick Scan option wherein you can check a website’s eligibility and security first before visiting it.
You can download this software at

HTTPS EVERYWHERE..Keep your browsing safe!

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox extension produced as a collaboration between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It encrypts your communications with a number of major websites.
Many sites on the web offer some limited support for encryption over HTTPS, but make it difficult to use. For instance, they may default to unencrypted HTTP, or fill encrypted pages with links that go back to the unencrypted site.
The HTTPS Everywhere extension fixes these problems by rewriting all requests to these sites to HTTPS. Firefox users can get it by clicking here......HTTPS  EVERYWHERE

Note that some of those sites still include a lot of content from third party domains that is not available over HTTPS. As always, if the browser's lock icon is broken or carries an exclamation mark, you may remain vulnerable to some adversaries that use active attacks or traffic analysis. However, the effort required to monitor your browsing should still be usefully increased.