Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Launch - 101

Just a little tweak tonight for those of you who are messing around with Windows 7 and don't know how to do the basics.....I find the "quick launch" toolbar to be the most helpful as you don't have all those icons all over the desktop covering up your picture/ enable quick launch right click on the lower toolbar>go to "toolbars" and tick "quick launch", for the icons on the desktop that you want to use on quick launch just right click on the icon and hit "pin to taskbar"....easy....then you can delete the desktop icon and it will stay on quick launch...out of the way but useful to move them around on the quick launch toolbar just left mouse click and hold down and drag it around....where you want it....easy.....even if you go into all the program list you can right click on each program that you want readily available and hit "pin to taskbar" and there it is!

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