Friday, April 13, 2012

Print only what you need on a webpage-here's how!

Don't use the snipping tool's an easier way to get what you want off a page and send directly to the printer:

To Install:

  • Drag this link: PrintWhatYouLike into your bookmarks toolbar
  • If you don't see the bookmarks toolbar, go to View->Toolbars and make sure 'Bookmarks Toolbar' is checked

Also available as a Chrome extension

Include the editor in any page with a single click

How it works:
  1. Click the PrintWhatYouLike button in your bookmarks toolbar
  2. The PrintWhatYouLike editor will appear around the page you're on.
  3. When you are finished making changes, click the PrintWhatYouLike button again, and the editor will disappear. Only your modified page will remain


The bookmarklet does not record or distribute any information about you or the page you are viewing. There are a couple exceptions:
  1. The "Save as" button sends the content of your page to the server. On "Save as PDF," this content is sent to a 3rd party which performs the conversion to pdf. PrintWhatYouLike does not store any of this data, but we cannot make any guarantees about the 3rd party service.
  2. The "Save Clip" button saves the content of your page to the server. Also, a 3rd party service will access this content to generate a thumbnail image of the clip.

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