Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lucid Lynx for your Netbook-Awesome!

I am now testing the new Ubuntu distro Lucid Linx on my is a very graphic "plasma desktop" is truly outstanding and can't wait to get it in the full version...this is the beta one that is out now....have it installed on a 2 gig flash drive...get Lynx write the Netbook install to the USB use the program UNETBOOTIN.....get it HERE  (for windows pc's)..very easy to use....instructions are on the webpage for Unetbootin so look it up if you need to...
insert the USB when you are done.....start the netbook by holding down "escape" upon startup....when you see the screen pop up that shows your hard drive and the USB just drop to the USB and hit enter....
This is a little technical but you can have fun with it...its easy to run and will save you in case of a windows system crash!

got that????  it will allow you to get a hold of files that are on the Windows partition and copy them...of course, only when Windows fails....(does it ever fail????? duh......)

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